Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"This morning, it was very early, the dawn wouldn't come for a couple of hours, on waking, with eyes that have lost their sleep, one was aware of an unfathomable cheerfulness; there was no cause to it, no sentimentality or that emotional extravagance, enthusiasm, behind it; it was clear, simple cheer, uncontaminated and rich, untouched and pure.  There was no thought or reason behind it and neither could one ever understand it for there was no cause to it.  This cheerfulness was pouring out of one's whole being and the being was utterly empty.  As a stream of water gushes out from the side of a mountain, naturally and under pressure, this cheer was pouring out in great abundance, coming from nowhere and going nowhere, but the heart and mind would never be the same again.

one was not aware of the quality of this cheer as it was bursting forth; it was taking place and its nature would show itself, probably, to time and time would have no measure for it.  Time is petty and it cannot weigh abundance."

Krishnamurti's Notebook, p. 29-30.

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