Saturday, November 5, 2011


Think of all the things we have dragged home dreaming they were "it." 

We knew what we had already was substandard.

We wanted to upgrade.

But we didn't have the knowledge or the money to buy the good.

So we settled for the derivative.

For a little while we were elated.

We tucked the substandard in the basement where no one else might see it.

And we put the derivative front and center, shakily, knowing full well that it wasn't high quality, but just had the "look."

We were afraid to toss out the old.  What if we were wrong?  What if someone else would take our "old" and value it and show us we had made a mistake?  There we'd be cuddled up to the derivative, and its bad bones and make-shift surfaces.

Time to stop.  Just stop.

Stop dragging home the false, dreaming that it's true, just because we want the true sooo bad, but we're too lazy to work to find it, and to work some more until we know enough to be able to afford it, and treasure it for what it is, not for what we dream it can make us be.

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